Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance Explained


Adding maintenance to your lease

When you take out a personal contract hire or business contract hire agreement, you have the option to add on a maintenance package.

Maintenance can be added to your car leasing agreement for a fixed additional monthly cost, to cover servicing, replacement tyres and other repair costs. This is referred to as a ‘finance provider maintained’ contract.

If you choose not to take a maintenance package this is referred to as a ‘customer maintained’ contract.

The benefit of taking out a maintenance package is to give you complete peace of mind that any unexpected vehicle repair costs you may not have budgeted for, will be covered.

What does it cover?

Maintenance packs are an optional extra which can be added to any car leasing contract. In essence, maintenance covers anything which needs repaired or replaced during the course of your lease. This includes tyres, brakes, exhausts, wipers etc. However, maintenance packs do not cover any repairs or replacements which are a result of accidental damage. 

What does maintenance cost?

There is no set figure for the cost of maintenance; it differs depending on the vehicle and the type of contract you request. Naturally it is more expensive over higher mileages, as this puts more wear and tear on the tyres and other components.

How does it work?

You must use a provider that is approved by your finance provider so it is always best to phone them first.

Should I take maintenance?

Our advisors can give you quotes with and without maintenance included to allow you to make a balanced decision. The final choice is completely up to you, some drivers like having complete peace of mind from day one, which maintenance provides.

If you chose not to take finance provider maintenance with your vehicle you must remember that you are in charge of maintaining the vehicle yourself.

Vehicle service and maintenance quotes


By taking out a maintenance contract you have the peace of mind that the vehicle's servicing, maintenance and MOT testing costs will be covered for the duration of the contract, providing you with peace of mind.

All servicing is based upon the manufacturers guidelines and servicing schedules. This is in line with 'fair wear and tear' guidelines that are set by the BVRLA and is the guidance that leasing brokers and finance companies refer to. Please note, manufacturers guidelines and schedules do vary per vehicle, so your new vehicle may have a different schedule to your previous vehicle.

Our Guaranteed Maintenance package includes:

  • Servicing, maintenance and repair (SMR) in line with the manufacturers guidelines and servicing schedules
  • MOT testing
  • Accident management
  • Breakdown assistance*, UK cover only, includes home start
  • Tyre replacements**, fair wear and tear
  • Tyre punctures**
  • 24/7 driver helpline
  • Warranty claim bookings
  • 16,000 approved garages across the UK
  • Free vehicle collection and delivery on day of service or a free courtesy car, subject to garage availability

All in one easy monthly payment that can also be added to any form of finance. Total peace of mind with no unexpected maintenance or repair costs.

*Breakdown Assistance is manufacturer cover, once expired this is covered by Autoserve’s AA cover in the event of a mechanical breakdown with the exception of exclusions.

**Please note that any form of tyre sidewall or shoulder damage is not covered, nor is the purchase, fitting or replacing of winter tyres.

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