Sell Your Car

Looking to Sell Your Car?

Great news! We've partnered with Motorway to make selling your car straightforward and hassle-free.
You don't have to waste time researching trusted dealers or searching for the best price. We've got it all sorted for you. Receive a quick, no-obligation evaluation of your car's worth, choose the offer that best suits you, and arrange for collection at a convenient time.

Motorway is completely free and you can sell your car in as little as 24 hours. Motorway will find the dealer who'll pay the most for your car, with no haggling or hassle.

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When Should You Sell Your Car?

  • If you've ordered an EV with us, it's best to hold off on selling your current car until a week or two before your new car's delivery date.
  • This ensures you won't be left without a vehicle should there be any delays in your new car's arrival.
  • Using Motorway to sell your car? You can conveniently arrange for your car's collection at a time that suits you.