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The Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic

We’ve seen loads of autonomous car concepts and few concepts for driverless lorries, but we haven’t seen many for autonomous vans. Mercedes-Benz revealed their concept for a versatile, electric and driverless van earlier this week.

The Vision Urbanetic has been created to remove the separation between goods transport and groups of people being able to travel together. The chassis holds the powertrain and tech and is a “skateboard style”, that can accept different bodies. That may sound confusing, so Mercedes have this video to explain their concept further;

The different bodies can be changed manually or automatically, and Mercedes have said this process takes “just a few minutes”. Due to the chassis holds all the tech, the skateboard looking base can drive around on its own with no pod attached.

As a goods transporter, the cargo module can be divided into two levels and transport up to 10 pallets, as a passenger vehicle, the Vision Urbanetic can transport up to 12 people.

What do you think of Mercedes’ Vision Urbanetic concept?

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