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One Can Update: Harry

We are keeping up with our commitment to One Can and it was Harry’s turn to have his volunteer day. One Can Trust is a food bank based in High Wycombe and they serve some of the surrounding areas, click here to learn more about One Can Trust and our commitment.

What did you get up to with One Can Trust?
To take the food parcels to their food banks, they use a lot of plastic crates and they would obviously want them to be clean so I spent the morning with them cleaning the pallets.

How did you feel when you got to One Can?
I didn’t know what I would be doing until I got there but I was excited to get hands on and help out the team.

Were there things that you didn’t expect when you got there?
I was being shown around the warehouse by Emma and she explained that the food there wouldn’t last them long. Whenever someone from CLS would have their volunteer day, we would talk about it when they were back but seeing it for yourself is different.

Do you think more businesses should be volunteering?
Yes, 100%. It’s important to give back to the community, especially the one you live in or where your businesses are.

Stay tuned for Debbie’s update, it’s her turn next week. If you want to help us support One Can Trust get in touch on the chatbox or call 01494 899262. Click here if you want to donate to One Can Trust.

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