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Is this the Autonomous Car of Your Dreams?

The all electric sector of the car industry has exploded, almost every manufacturer has a hybrid and/or all electric model. Some companies, such as Tesla, only have fully electric ranges. The next step from this is autonomous vehicles, which are being designed and tested now.

Volvo have brought their contribution to the table and unveiled the 360c, their fully autonomous concept car.

The 360c has started a conversation on whether Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles (requires no driver input) can replace short-haul air travel. This concept throws the traditional layout of a car out the window as the inside can be changed from seating that face each other to a mobile bedroom, office or entertainment space.

Volvo believes the 360c could be an alternative to short flights as you can effectively turn it into a business class cabin with a flat bed. They also suggest that trips with flights of around 200 miles may be less time efficient than travelling by autonomous car.

It may also change unproductive daytime travel into a time to catch up on work or socialise, which may be ideal for people who live in cities. MÃ¥rten Levenstam, Head of Corporate Strategy at Volvo, said "a glimpse at how autonomous drive technology will change the world as we know it" he added, "the possibilities are mind-boggling."

What do you think of autonomous drive and the Volvo 360c concept?

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